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Thread: Hollow cone beam loading question

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    Hollow cone beam loading question


    I am trying to compute the beam loading on a complex conical geometry.
    The geometry is composed of a cone attached to a cylinder. a whole runs down the center of both. The cone is fixed at the large end while the load is applied at the opposite end of the cylinder.

    Attached is an image drawn of what I am describing, how do I calculate the beam loading?

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    Just on a first look, the load seems hugely out of proportion to the diameter of the cylindrical section alone. (Are you sure your load value is correct?)
    At any rate I decided to do a quick check by analyzing the cylindrical section as a cantilever beam with the tip of the cone as its base; and, that alone confirmed my suspicions; because. that analysis shows that the maximum bending stress with your 795 N load will be 2932 Mpa and that is far beyond the tensile strength of any material I am aware of including strongest carbon fiber composite with a maximum tensile strength of 1185 Mpa.

    The below online pdf document will give you the method for calculating the bending stress of the conical section of your structure by treating it as a cantilever beam with a tip load. By multiplying your structures end loading by its total length / the length of the cone section you will obtain the correct loading for analyzing it using their formula. This will not account for the hollow bore through your cone, which will increase its actual stress; but, it will give you an idea of whether or not you are even close to supporting your stated load with this section of your beam.

    "Deflections and stresses in Circular Tapered Beams ... - ResearchGate"

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