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Thread: Auto parts inspection method

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    Auto parts inspection method

    The inspection method is commonly used in vehicle maintenance work. Most parts of a car can be inspected by this method.

    (1) inspect parts by visual inspection. For parts with similar surface damage, such as rough surface, obvious cracks in grooves, scratches, peeling, breakage and other damage, as well as major deformation of parts, severe wear, surface annealing or ablation, lemon rubber parts and other material deterioration or other phenomena, can be checked and determined whether repair or replacement is required by the way of eye-watching hand mold.

    (2) inspect parts with percussion. Whether there are cracks in the upper part of the automobile shell and disc-shaped parts, whether the parts connected by rivets are loose or not, the hammer can be tapped to check the parts tested by tapping sound method. If the metal tapping sound is clear, the technical condition is good; if hoarseness is emitted, the parts inspected can be judged to have cracks, looseness or tightness. It needs to be repaired or replaced.

    (3) test parts in a comparative way. The technical status of the inspected part is identified by comparing the new standard part with the inspected part. In this way, the free length and the length of the spring, the quality of the rolling bearing can be checked.

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    During the manufacture of auto parts, specifications must be met whether by the auto parts supplier or the automobile manufacturer. It is important that the parts meet specifications as they are critical for maintaining the performance standards and safe operation of automobiles,trucks, and other vehicles during their lifetimes. However, the demand for faster, cheaper production of parts while still meeting or exceeding ever-stricter quality standards keeps increasing. This report explains how digital microscopy is used to inspect and document parts easily and quickly in order to determine conformity with specifications.

    Digital microscopes are optical microscopes without eyepieces which display the image directly on a monitor. The design of digital microscopes makes them versatile and compatible with big and small parts alike. They are used for the investigation of diverse materials,from bigger, less sophisticated parts, such as tires and interior panels, to smaller, more complex, multi-component parts like microelectronics.In the automotive industry, digital microscopes are cherished for enabling suppliers and manufacturers to share and discuss findings efficiently with each other, especially when current components are changed or new ones introduced. The instruments are designed for fast inspection and, especially digital microscopes of the most recent generation, also facilitate the easy documentation of results and creation of reports which can be referred to at a later time if the need arises. In addition, standard analysis methods and report templates can be developed for the obtaining of comparable results no matter who does the work.

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