I don't have much knowledge in mechanical design or pneumatic systems.
For my project, I want to create a Pneumatic cylinder, The purpose is, Inside it will will contain a Nylon piston, and one end will be filled with clay. Cylinder will be closed from either side using end caps, which also has Push-in connectors(1/4" BSP). Compressed Air from a cylinder(Max. pressure of Cylinder 10 Bar) will be given to Piston side through a Non return valve and a Regulator. Which will push the Clay out through other end. It is for my Clay printer. Hope anyone here have some background with these kind of system.
I have already provided a Safety valve calibrated at 6 Bar in my prototype that I made from a GI water Pipe, which has thickness of 3.85 mm.
When I first posted this question in other forum, I haven't made a 2nd prototype. Yesterday I did make one. It is made of using a 100 x 5.75 mm Aluminium Pipe and End caps from Aluminum Rods with wall thickness of 10 mm.

I have following questions:

1. My new cylinder, Can it handle maximum pressure that might occur in the system?
2. The pressure inside the cylinder, if safety valve or anything fails, Is there any way the pressure inside the tank could reach a pressure higher than the maximum pressure Compressor can deliver (Compressor is rated for 10 bar with a a cut-off at 8 Bar. It also has a safety valve calibrated at 8 bar).
3. How to calculate the maximum pressure a cylinder can handle if I know material used, Dimensions? What other parameters might require.

One guy sent me two photos, can anyone explain this to me?