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Thread: Purchased Kit- Quality Requirements on Drawing?

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    Purchased Kit- Quality Requirements on Drawing?

    Hello. I think this is pretty straightforward but I would like to hear from others because of an internal debate between myself and another engineer.

    My company contracts another company to provide a kit of components (packaged die cut parts and a manual). This kit is one part number with a drawing that shows all the items and how to package and label them. The BOM for this kit is 5 items and each item has its own drawing.

    The std. process for purchased item inspection is to inspect to the drawing for that respective item. In this case there is no mechanical dimensions to inspect so we check notes and ensure all items are present and packaged correctly.

    What occurred was that the die cut part was the wrong size and the manual had typos. My coworker says we (Quality) should be drilling down and inspecting each component to each drawing. Now in this case the work is not too extensive, but that as a standard process would be overwhelming for more complex items with dozens or hundreds of parts (think a PCB for instance).

    My opinion is that the purchased item's drawing should have all requirements on it that need to be verified. So my question is, should the top level purchased drawing have all the requirements on it? The size of the die cut? A note to verify the manual artwork (and what that art work is, ex Doc XXXXX)?

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    The parts/assembly/kit should be delivered and inspected to the document from which it was specified and purchased.

    If that document does not include tolerance variation then the supplier is NOT responsible though receiving inspection may be conducted to what internal level is required.
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    The QA of any component in a kit is the responsibility of that component's manufacturer/supplier. If a problem is found with that component then the issue should be addressed with that manufacturer/supplier; and, a follow up detailed inspection of that component by your QA dept to verify that the manufacturer has taken the appropriate action may be required/prudent until you are assured the problem has been corrected.

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