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Thread: Activating Lights Using a Motion Sensor

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    Activating Lights Using a Motion Sensor

    I was wondering how I would configure some sort of setup to get lamps with AC adapters (link not working but Amazon name is called UV Linear Clean & Germicidal Lamp Kit for up to 100 sq. ft. Room with 5ft Cord and Plug (Ozone Free) turn on a timer once activated by a motion detector. I want them to turn on for about 15 seconds and then turn off once tripped by a motion detector but I'm lost on how to approach this. One of my colleagues told me I would need to configure an Arduino board setup causing it to shut off power to the lamps after 15s but as far as I know, arduino boards are limited to LEDs and im unsure on how to connect the AC adapter to it. Is there any way to pull this task off?
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    Search internet for "motion detector light circuit".

    Or, just buy a motion detector light.
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