I realize this one is a bit of an oddball, but after 20 plus years of historical research on the topic, I came to the following outline as to what is problematic on this issue:


As the video outlines, the reason for the CL shifting forward is unclear... A 1989 test of four different WWII fighter aircrafts, by the SETP (Society of Experimental Test Pilots), with true horizontal turns (not dive pull outs, as with the 1940s data) showed a 6G Corner Speed at 320 mph ias, proving that the typical 240 mph ias figures achieved in 1940s doghouse charts (with safer and easier dive pull outs) does not match the "truly" horizontal 1989 SETP data...

I feel the only way to explain this discrepancy is the propeller's greater (and asymmetrical) load on the horizontal, which means the propeller's loading greatly affects the wing's behaviour on horizontal displacements: This appears absent of any flight physics theory...

I think this issue is very relevant to simulator designs. Any comments are welcome.