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Thread: When to change a motor along with a capacitor?

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    When to change a motor along with a capacitor?

    So, I've been called for help by a friend who needed me to check out why his Condensing Unit keep coming on and turning back off. When I get there, I found his fan wasn't spinning. I popped off the door then found a snake fried on top of the condenser. I told my friend he would need a capacitor and a motor. Most the time I went along with service guys in my company, we usually change out both. Well my friend went along and got a "Second Opinion". That guy told him forget buying the motor. -Can someone tell me in what conditions does both need to be changed and when not? I won't leave this post up for more than a week because I know Capacitors is a #1 issue in the HVAC field? I just need some education on this.

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    The start/run capacitor is easy to test.. and the fan motor can be tested as well. Usually checking the Y or Delta winding resistance and a run current check should be performed.

    Certainly they/you did this? Blindly changing parts in a system is not technician work nor is it fair to the customer.
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    You replace what is broke not what is connected.

    Reminds me from when I worked at a gas station as a service mechanic back in the 1980's. I was told that if a customers battery was dead or weak I had to sell/replace the battery, regulator, alternator and cables. Like Kelly said - troubleshoot what is broke don't just sell them everything.

    Do you have actual HVAC technician training?

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