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Thread: Pneumatic hammer prototype

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    Pneumatic hammer prototype


    I need to build a prototype of a device that can deliver a fast hammer blow with about the same impact an average man creates when driving a large nail. I am not experienced with pneumatic components so really need some help with how and where to start. My immediate thought is to look at the workings of a pneumatic nail gun. The one difference being the configuration of the trigger and hammer.

    Here is the casual description I was provided:

    1) Hammer and trigger axes are parallel and co-planer, hammer 2.5 inches below trigger.
    2) Trigger activates with about 4 ounces of force and 0.15 inches of travel. (Trigger travel is perpendicular to hammer travel, so if hammer moves side to side, trigger moves up and down.)
    3) Hammer diameter 0.25 - 0.75 inches and travels 3 inches in a tiny fraction of a second.
    4) Powered by a compact and commonly available compressed gas tank or cylinder. Good for at least 20 cycles.
    5) Needs to automatically reset after a trigger pull and hammer strike.
    6) Compact design for outdoor conditions.

    I would like to build the initial prototype with readily available low cost parts.

    I am a ME by training so I do understand physics involved and I can handle the packaging aspect but am clueless about good choices for the current mechanical and pneumatic components available on the market.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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    The below will give you a view of the parts of construction for a device similar to what you want to prototype

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