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Thread: How to design a thermal oxidizer?

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    How to design a thermal oxidizer?


    i have a waste stream of 86% nitrogen, 0.3% Methane and the rest CO2, H2 and H2O, and im using natural gas for the burner's fuel. how do i do a heat or mass balance ? hoe do i design the recuperative thermal oxidizer?


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    Hi and welcome to the forum...

    Are you asking for a complete design or analysis of this particular scenario? Do you want step by step instructions on how an awesome unit would be designed that would deal with these parameters you've given?

    I'll give it a try.

    First I'd read this article...

    Next thing I'd do is ask my professor what books it was that I was supposed to buy for the class I was in.

    Next thing would be to read those books... And then if after reading those books and having some sort of clue as to what might be involved in the design... Then I'd either come back here and ask a question about possibly one certain aspect of the design that you might still be unclear on... Or better yet ask your professor. They are usually impressed when a student is interested or concerned enough to actually be able to ask intelligent questions and carry on a real conversation about the topic of study.

    If this is a legitimate question from a non-student, and not form a student looking for a shortcut to doing their class work... then disregard the above. If this is indeed a person involved in a business with a real query then I'd recommend google-ing "recuperative thermal oxidizer" and then calling one of the many manufacturers that will pop up. You could also look in the Thomas Register. The folks building these units would be where I'd go to buy a safe and functional unit...?

    Good luck,

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