I have 3D printer that recently had a control circuit board failure. After some trouble shooting I verified the Rambo 1.3L Z-Axis circuit was not functioning properly. Rambo boards are commonly used in the 3D printers and other multi axis controlled machines.

I purchased my replacement board from a reseller and delivery was fast. The board was identical less two sets of connector header pins at X1 and X30. I was not able to fully de-solder the connector pins on my failed board so I took a couple of loose resistors I had, formed a U with the pins and installed into the empty circuit holes and soldered into place. Clipped the leads to length and set the distance apart as required it works. I suppose the board sold directly by OEM comes with these two pin headers in place.

Before I removed my old board I labeled all the cables, took pictures and documented on a circuit board image I printed from the internet. This was helpful to ensure I got everything back in place. When done, I folded up the paper and put it in the electronics enclosure.

This 3D printer has been very reliable (it has 50d 21h 13m 38s of print time (call it 51 days of printing or 1,224 hours.)).

The DFM and DFA on this printer are almost non-existent which I will say now that Im in my old age and nearing retirement from consulting and training DFM/DFA. Honestly, I find so many products where DFM/DFA is not a consideration in the design phase. Usually, when one finds a very DFM/DFA optimized product you also find a quality engineering and manufactured product.
Anyway, I finally got the board in, plugged in my computer and was able to flash the board and Im back to printing for my customers and grandchildren. See pictures below of my board replacement.