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Thread: HDMI cable repurpose?

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    HDMI cable repurpose?

    I'm putting together a pendant control for a CNC machine, and need about 14 conductors. I can get inexpensive HDMI female screw terminal breakout boards and a 6' HDMI cable would be perfect form for this application. The wires are for x/y/z axis selection, movement resolution (x1, x10, x100) and a manual pulse generator encoder with +5v,0v A and B. I'd use 24ga wires from the breakout board to the controller connector. Any reason this will not work? are there any electronics in the connectors?

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    Current, voltage and crosstalk requirements would be you only concern. Possible solution.
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    If the HDMI wiring can handle the voltage and amperage load then I don't see why it wouldn't work. You should figure out what are the HDMI cable wiring limitations and see if they are good enough for your CNC setup.

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    This problem happen if HDMI is not compatible with voltage. you should use correct power of HDMI cable which can handle voltage.

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