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Thread: Interpreting a Stress - Strain Curve

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    Interpreting a Stress - Strain Curve

    Hi all

    I was wondering if someone could help shed some light on interpreting a stress strain curve (attached).

    It appears that two timber types (soft and hard wood) were loaded parallel and perpendicular to the grain and the stress strain curve produced.

    I am trying to make sense of it.

    So far i can say that:

    loading parallel to the grain for both wood types results in a steeper stress/strain curve thus the young's modulus is greater when loading parallel to the grain, thus the material is stiffer.

    I was struggling to make any more sense out of it and i was wondering i could get the opinions of the community?

    Thank you.
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    Yes, rated stress of wood is dependent on loading direction relative to grain. Loading perpendicular to grain will cause separate.

    Also, the stress strain curve is incomplete.

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