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Thread: Silicone Compression Molding

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    Silicone Compression Molding

    I am working on a part molded out of 70A silicone for a consumer product application. My molder in China has made several rounds of prototypes that looked great. Now that we are requesting real quantities they are running into severe scrap issues, seeing short shots, blisters and parting line defects. They have tried several things to reduce their scrap rates but seem to be running into a wall. I am trying to find someone with compression molding experience that could review the design and manufacturers experience and provide additional guidance.

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    Maybe you could use some of that money you're supposedly "saving" by having the work done in China to get in touch with a more local manufacturer who might cost more up front but would also feel some responsibility to meet their promises.

    And just to add insult to injury, now they have your idea. If its a good one you'll see copies of it on the shelves in weeks, regardless of any agreements you might have thought you had.

    Sorry. No pity here. And no help either. Your story is just another of hundreds just like it that I personally know of. Good luck.

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    Have they provided any part mold-ability recommendations? Poor part design will be tough to mold.
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    It will be tough fixing whatever the issue is without seeing it first hand on the site. I mean seeing the manufacturing process directly. Maybe I am wrong but it is something worth thinking about

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