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Thread: SolidWorks Drawing Dilemma - Red Edges

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    SolidWorks Drawing Dilemma - Red Edges

    Hey everyone,

    Im new here, but have enjoyed reading your posts for a while now.

    Im modifying a few drawings (editorial changes mostly to part and assembly drawings) and am being stopped in my tracks by the fact that the parts in the drawings has somehow acquired red edges. These edges appear when the drawing is printed also, meaning that although I have now finished making the required changes I cant release the drawings (I cant print in monochrome, because we issue all current drawings with a red dot in the drawing border...).

    When modifying part drawings I simply deleted the view with red edges and placed a new view, which solved the problem. However, I would rather not do this with the assembly drawing as there are far too many views and parts on the drawing.

    I welcome all suggestions - please help!


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    Are you just modifying Solidworks drawings without modifying the part? Usually not a good idea. Did you check the help files or tutorials? In Solidworks a red line, or a red dimension, or a red centerline, etc means that it is an entity that can no longer find its source or connection on the part. The fix usually involves going back to the part to find out what's going on. It also usually involves blowing the red entity away and replacing it with a new one. If you are just working with Solidworks drawings without working on the parts too you might as well just convert them all to Autocad and be done with it.

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    Do you have, or can you get the Master Assembly? Modify the parts drawings there. It's a risky thing to modify Parts drawings as they will no longer key back to the Assembly, even with the seemingly innocuous removal of red lines and added notes etc.

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