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Thread: Single-Phase vs Three-Phase

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    Single-Phase vs Three-Phase

    Hi All,
    Apologies in advance if this question was already discussed in the last, I'm new in the forum.

    I need to connect 3 single-phase loads to a distribution board. Each load is 7kW 32A. According to rough calculations, I would need to use a 25mm˛ cable (L+N+PE) under the following conditions:
    6kA fault current
    200ms fault time
    30m distance
    4% voltage drop
    XLPE cable
    Copper core
    In this case I would require 3 times 3x25mm˛ cables.

    I wanted to know what considerations I have to make if I wanted to use a 3-phase cable sized to withstand the 3 loads, so 1 phase per load. L1 to load 1, L2 to load 2, L3 to load 3. Neutral is common to them all.
    How to gauge the size of the resulting 3-phase calble (4xcore +PE)?
    Thank you

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    I also have the same problems. I recommend you search instruction on youtube.

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