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Thread: Ozonation chamber - problem with gas tightness

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    Ozonation chamber - problem with gas tightness


    I am currently building an ozonation chamber. I already have a housing with a door and seals installed. Unfortunately, I have a problem with ensuring the tightness of this chamber and I am looking for advice to solve this problem.

    At the very beginning, I used rubber gaskets with an "e" edge profile (2 frames). The seals on the corners were glued / welded. Unfortunately, the chamber was not properly sealed. The ozone sensor outside the chamber showed an increase in ozone in the environment.

    As ozone is a colorless gas, I used smoke candles to find the leak. The smoke candle was fired inside the chamber, the door closed, and I began to observe the places where the smoke was coming out of the chamber. The smoke was escaping from the chamber in individual places under the seal.

    Then I disassembled the above-described gasket and installed a self-adhesive gasket cut from the meter, probably made of some micro-rubber (EPDM) with a slightly more complicated shape. By gluing the gasket, I rounded the corners. Unfortunately, the problem is that the gasket cut from the meter had to be additionally glued where the end of the gasket meets its beginning. It is not easy to cut straight and glue the gasket evenly so that it looks nice and, above all, that it is tight at the point of gluing.

    My observations show that the gas-tightness in my case may be influenced by the type of gasket, the pressure of the gasket, the adjustment of the hinges and the quality of the structure (whether the frame is straight).

    1. I must admit that the biggest problem for me is the selection of the gasket, the mixture and its parameters as well as obtaining the gasket in the form of a frame to size so that you do not have to glue the end with the beginning. Unfortunately, we are talking about a single order. Any information on manufacturers or people who could make such a seal at a decent price are welcome. Alternatively, does anyone have a way to make such a gasket on their own?

    2. Moreover, I am not sure if the developed structure will allow me to obtain gas tightness? I wonder if the pressure of the gasket to the flat surface of the chamber frame is sufficient to obtain gas tightness? Does it need any additional grooves into which this gasket should be pressed?

    By the way, there is no gas overpressure. The ozonator was located in the chamber and generated ozone from the oxygen inside the chamber. I assume that in this closed system there should be no pressure build-up inside the chamber. It seems to me that burning the smoke candle may have raised the pressure in the chamber a bit, unfortunately I was not able to check it. I am asking for help in solving the problem, all good advice is welcome.

    Ps. My english is not the best, if i have made a mistake somewhere or something is incomprehensible request for information.

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    Did you solve this? If not we can help

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