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Thread: Power take off unit

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    Power take off unit

    A particular application for a 45 kW industrial diesel engine requires a steady crankshaft speed of 2800
    revs/min. At the front end of the engine is a power take-off shaft. The shaft is shown in the accompanying
    drawing. It has a standard splined shaft end and is fully supported in the engine structure.
    I am required to design a power take-off gear reduction unit which can be easily fitted to the engine to
    be driven by the above shaft. The unit is required to drive a hydraulic pump which must
    deliver 25 litre/min of oil at 150-bar pressure.

    Any help on how to approach the problem would be much appreciated.

    power take off unit.JPGpump detail.JPG


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    1)What is the work done in pumping V volume per at a pressure P.?
    2)what is the power delivered in time t?

    If you don't know this fundamental, I suggest you look it up or Google it

    The rest is easy.

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