It's my first post here. I'd like to ask smarter and more experienced engineers to consider this design and provide feedback. I fear there may be liability for building such a table, if it fails and hurts somebody.

The assembly moves the upper portion with an electric linear actuator "Duff Norton MPD6405." It's supported with (4) vertial "leader" pins to inhibit rotation.

Inclining the table is done by a worm drive, which should block reverse rotation..
I will code an aruino to control the LA with (4) buttons, TOP, BOTTOM, MOVE UP, MOVE DOWN

My fear is that the linear actuator will fail and snap off. Bringing the table crashing down and perhaps hurting the operator. I included a picture for clarity.

PDF with functional details:

Any feedback is appriciated. I'm still new to engineering but very eager to learn. Any advice will be genuinely considered. Don't be shy to critize this honestly. You could drop a PM here a reply or this email for private conversation: REMOVED