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Thread: Counter balance on video tripod

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    Counter balance on video tripod

    Hello all,

    I am new to the forum and am by no means a professional. Last year I bought a 3d printer (well, 3 of them) to start making my own nick-nacks and to prototype a few things that I'd like to get manufactured, one of which is my own camera tripod.

    Does anyone know how the counter balance mechanism on a video tripod works? I do best when I can take something apart to understand it but I don't have access to what I am looking for and don't have the money at the moment just to buy one and take it apart. I have figured out a simple way to create the "fluid" movement as well as several other aspects of a fluid head but I just cant figure out the counter balance.

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    You can add weight to the opposite side of the head from the camera. This weight can be adjusted to match the weight of the camera and lens, allowing the head to remain level and maintain the desired position. The fluid movement you mentioned is likely related to the use of a hydraulic or hydraulic-like system to control the movement of the head, providing smooth and consistent movement.

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