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Thread: Dynamics Problem

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    Dynamics Problem

    I have a plate being driven on rollers at a constant velocity. The plate then hits a block and stops the plate. I am trying to find with what force the plate hits the block. Any ideas?

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    M=mass of the plate

    What is the block made of, does it have a spring behind it to cushion the shock?
    How fast is the plate traveling?
    I have not checked this site but I would immagine there are equations for determining the acceleration or in this case dceleration of the plate.
    If the block is solid with no "give", then things get a litttle more complex as you need to calculate impulse or "shock" loading and the forces can get high fast.
    Hope this points you in the right direction.


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    How much effort did you make to find an answer.

    I "googled" "forces of impact" and got 156,000,000 results.

    Why can't you?

    If you make an effort and have a problem understanding the answer I would gladly help you.

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