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Thread: 3 phase load with RCD

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    Post 3 phase load with RCD

    Hi all,

    I am working on a DB box for a product with a 3 phase motor. The 3 phase power system in my country (Malaysia) provides a neutral wire along with the three hot wires, making it possible for me to use a 4-poles ELCB prior to the motor controller for current leakage safety.
    My problem:
    I am supposed to send a product to a country in which the power system provides only 3 hot wires without a neutral connection. So it isnt possible to use my standard ELCB unit. In ELCBs and RCDs, the device compares the current running in each hot wire with the neutral wire to sense any current leakage, and trips accordingly.
    Are there any alternatives for me to provide to my customer in order to keep up with this standard safety feature ?
    How do they actually operate 3 phase loads with current protection circuit breaker in such grid systems? Any thoughts?
    thanx in advance

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    A correction, ELCBs are for current through ground protection ...

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    Hi Maz,

    Not an expert in the field but I have a bunch of machines running on three-wire three-phase from a three-phase generator I built to run from single-phase input power.

    Do some research on the following search term.

    three phase contactor
    3 phase contactor

    To get you started check this page, it may help


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