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Thread: How common are seawater swimming pools in Australia?

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    Smile How common are seawater swimming pools in Australia?

    Hi friends,

    Someone just told me about their swimming pool somewhere by the coast in Northern Australia. Apparently, it gets its water when the tide comes in, and that water leaves again when the tide goes out, keeping the water in the pool always fresh, no chemical treatment required.

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    There are a lot of those pools, but I suspect they are all Municipal owned as they are on the Public beaches. Bondi Beach has two, one at each end.
    The one on the Eastern end is more a wading pool for little kids.
    Use Google Earth.

    The one on the Western end is used all year round, but it may be pumped from the sea, but it does get some waves crashing over the walls.

    Here's another one I just remembered.

    It's been a long while since I was in Australia, and I am sure there are bunches of others. I doubt there are any privately owned ones as the foreshore is generally Public Property. Unlike here in the US, where in some places, it is possible to buy the beach and fence it off. But, that may have changed on Oz since I was there.
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    not a big fan of swimming in sea water ! fresh water river swimming all the way

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    They seem to have quite a lot of these pools. But as Pinkerton says they are pumped; the water level does not change with tide. Depending on your location on earth and the location of the moon, tidal ranges can vary a good bit. It would be a bummer if the pool level fluctuated between knee and shin-deep for a week.

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    As an Aussie, I can vouch for what was stated above. It is near impossible to buy beach-front property here and fence off the beaches; they ARE public property and it is illegal to fence them off. There are some large council-operated beach-front pools that use natural tidal flush. There are many private salt-water pools and they are becoming more popular, but not using tidal movement.

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