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    Drawing Explanation

    What is the Difference between Modelling,Assembly,Detail Drawing & Layout..I am engineering student studying my first yr..anyone can explain me?

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    I am going to give you answers that imply the use of CAD or Computer Aided Design software.

    Modeling refers to the process of operating the CAD software to create or "model" a component or part in 3D CAD space. This is the creation of a virtual space 3D CAD model of a part.

    Assembly, sometimes referred to as assembly modeling is the process of bringing together parts or components that have already been modeled and orienting them into an assembly file. The assembly file is helpful in understanding fits, alignments and other assembly level characteristics.

    Detail drawing is the creation of a blue print or engineering drawing, whether with the CAD software or on a drafting board.

    Layout refers to the process of creating an overview drawing or "layout" to conceive an assembly or component used in a design. Most often the layout is a 2D drawing created either in CAD software or drafting board showing the orientation, stack and alignment of an assembly. Think of the layout as a concept sketch.

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