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Thread: Learning basics of electrical engineering and also about how DDC panels work

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    Learning basics of electrical engineering and also about how DDC panels work

    Hello, I have just joined my family business, we assemble DDC panels and power supplies. While I pay more attention to business management in general, I also am sort of fascinated by electronic devices and such. Now, I have absolutley no knowledge about science or engineering and have forgotten everything I learnt back in school.

    My purpose of learning is to know all I can about how DDC panels and power supplies work; for now. And as silly as it sounds, I feel that in future I want to build a device on my own. Of course, all this implies that I know basics (as well as advanced) science. I know that I must know all concepts, for example like alternating current, resistance etc I am lucky that I can get a lot of practical training at my place itself.

    So are there any books or websites that anyone can recommend to me? I would really like to start with simple things, like basic science books, maybe even physics. And I really want to start from the scratch, like know all basic concepts and books.

    Hoing for assistance. Thank you.

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    Sounds like you have a treasure at the family business.. I would start at the business and learn all that you can about about the DDC panels and power supplies you build. Method, challenges, technical process, specifications - learn it all before you worry about the applications and science of the business product.

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