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Gearbox design Sad
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Posted by: piperdown

05/01/2003, 11:38:36

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I'm new to gear design and have a problem. I have been given a task to design a 3 stage gear box with a 10:1 reduction....I know how to start the selection process for gears but have never had to complete the process...Are there any suggested procedures out there for working my way through gear, shaft and bearing selection that will make this process easier?

These are my design parameters:

10:1 ratio, 3-stage with parallel shafts. 10,000 hours life with a reliability of 0.99.
4000 rpm
output torque of 50 in-lbs.
Quality 12
NE 23 enclosure.

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed.

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Re: Gearbox design
Re: Gearbox design -- piperdown Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: mektek30

06/09/2003, 12:26:50

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It sounds as though you have your engineering research cut out for you.  If you don't know where to begin, for example, pull out a Stock Drive Products gear catalog.  They have oodles of information on gear design, selection, boxes and so forth.

Call a gearhead manufacturer and speak with an engineer.  I am sure there is stuff online as well.

Good Luck.

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