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EJMA Tolerances for the installation and manufacture of Bellows Type Expansion Joints
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Posted by: kkcrowe

01/27/2005, 16:55:32

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Here is my situation, My company has installed about 40 or more of these Stainless Bellows expansion joints in a process air line. The diameters of pipe are ranging from 16" down to 2". The operating pressure of the system is about 9 psi. @ 200 degrees. The expansion joints were shipped minus the "Shipping Bars" that usually hold the joint to a specific "over all length". Each joint is designed to consume 2" of contration and expansion - total 4" movement. Using a tempature delta of 150 deg. and the longest run of pipe involved between expansion joints, I total approx. 1/4" of movement. Now on to the problem...durring installation, some of the EJ's were installed at "plus or minus 1/2" of the original overall length. The manufacture of the joints has given me a letter confirming that this in no way will damage or hinder the operation of the EJ in the system that it is being required to operate within. However, I am looking for any documentation that could show that these joints also have a manufacturing tolerance or an installation tolerance. I need to show that there is no concern for the operation of this system and that I provided a joint with more movement than ever could be required by this system therefore allowing myself some movement within the range of the EJ for installation purposes. Thank You for any help in this matter Chad Rowe Project Superintendent

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