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Boosting Gas Pressure
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Posted by: lukevibert

03/02/2005, 10:35:37

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I have a system where the inlet gas pressure is 300 PSI. The gas is then regulated down to 220 PSI. I have a seperate gas at @200 PSI that I wish to inject into the gas downstream of the regulator. Is there a way to accomplish this outside of using a compressor to boost the pressure of the injected gas?

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Re: Boosting Gas Pressure
Re: Boosting Gas Pressure -- lukevibert Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: randykimball
03/04/2005, 23:00:29

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If there is a location where the gas is moving at a high velocity past a restriction of through a venturi it may be of a low enough pressure in that location to inject a lower pressure second gas. This is how the old steam engines injected oil, water, or water into the steam chests and or boilers. Remember, increased velocity equals lower pressure. You can inject a second gas or liquid at a restriction or venturi, but you must have velocity and a check valve to prevent blow back into the second gas chamber.


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