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FOS and recommended material for small utility trailer
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Posted by: StevenEstergreen

04/02/2005, 01:12:17

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I'm designing a small utility trailier to pull behind my mid-size car for household trash, hay for the pony, etc. The GVW will be < 1800 pounds to keep it within the capability of my car and below the state limit for unlicensed trailers. I've decided on my assumptions for weight distribution, etc. to do the stress and deflection calculations, but am not sure what factor of safety to apply to the static load for sizing the trailer rails. Is there a recognized "standard" factor of safety for light trailers? What grade of steel can be expected to provide the best ratio of yield strength per dollar in common sizes of rectangular tubing? Any other wisdom you'd like to pass on for a project like this? Please don't suggest one of the lightweight Chinese folding trailers sold at supermarkets, Harbor Freight and Home Depot. The tires are too small and the frame too light for my comfort, and I'd rather design and build it myself than help put the local hardware store and steel yard out of business by patronizing one of the above.


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