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Help: is there some product that can do this? Question
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Posted by: Pennyarcade

05/17/2005, 12:00:11

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I need to know if something like this is being sold on the market.

What I need are two linear positioning stages that move in tandem.

The two stages will be on the same plane, but will be at a roughly 45 degree angle wrt each other.

The travel distance of each stage needs to be around 10cm and the accurracy will need to be withing +-2mm. The load on each stage is ~500gm


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Re: Help: is there some product that can do this?
Re: Help: is there some product that can do this? -- Pennyarcade Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: randykimball
05/22/2005, 23:16:52

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I'm not sure I understand the concept. Could you explain differently?


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