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useing of Hydraulic cylinders to lift a car Smile
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Posted by: whisper

06/01/2005, 18:36:18

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Hydraulic cylinders

The Problem
a schematic representation of hydro-mechanical car elevator used in repair shops. The maximum load Q is 20 kN. The car is carried up by 2 beams (AB in front and a similar beam in the back). These beams are part of structure S2 which is lifted using the hydraulic piston and rod a the chain system (EKH). The electric pump shown at the bottom powers the hydraulic system. All round elements designated by letter G are rollers serving to guide structures S1 and S2. At its highest position the lift should allow the mechanic a safe and comfortable access to all parts at the bottom of the car. The figure provides a lay out of what the system might look like. Some dimensions are also provided. You may want to have a different lay out.

i need the calculation please the lenght of Hydraulic is 200cm

including buckling and other stuff.

i need it as soon as possible

my regards

Modified by whisper at Wed, Jun 01, 2005, 18:39:39

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