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Document Organization
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Posted by: PlasEng

08/15/2005, 15:20:54

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Can anyone recommend a good website or their own method on document organization? I would like to see our company lean towards paperless. Right now our documents are in disarray with multiple copies everywhere. We have Cad drawings, part quality sheets, Bill of Materials, operating/packaging instructions, part specifications, etc of the typical manufacturing type documents. I guess I'm looking for category type combined with numbering system. Document types we use are AutoCAD, Word, Excel, Publisher, and images. Would like to have my co-workers be able to access these orderly files from their PC's. Thanks in advance for any help.

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Re: Document Organization
Re: Document Organization -- PlasEng Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: randykimball
08/15/2005, 20:32:43

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Information Technology... a serious concern and of vital importance to your company. A company with a good control of its information is better able to respond to the changing needs of the modern professional world and customers, as well as is better able to know where its weakness is and strengths are.

You will need to set up a server with enough space to hold all your vital documents. Then a quick way is to purchase or rent a copy-machine with a scanner able to place your non-digital documents into PDF files. The scanner will post the files to the folder you choose on the server (simply a computor which has been set-up to hold files, share them to other computors, and police access). All you digital documents, for example CAD files, can simply be transfered to the server into assigned folders.

Then you will need to decide in which folders you will want to keep what files just as you now need to keep papers in file cabinets and drawers. The you make the folders available to the right persons on the server with a right to know/need to know access.

There are software packages out there for doing this very task. A good one will help you maintain document versions and revisions of drawings to assure the most up-to-date document is being pulled. You will usually find it will manage your back-up needs also. Too, they lock files and prevent two persons from editing the same file at the same time.

For more information and definitive answers I suggest you join, visit, and/or ask questions here.. ...

or a similar location.

Good luck!
-randykimball- moderator

The worst suggestion of your lifetime may be the catalyst to the grandest idea of the century, never let suggestions go unsaid nor fail to listen to them.

Modified by randykimball at Mon, Aug 15, 2005, 20:52:49

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Re: Document Organization
Re: Document Organization -- PlasEng Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: kelly_bramble Administrator

08/15/2005, 15:40:12

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I think the word you are looking for is "Document Control" department. All large and medium sized companies have them, most small companies have something in place to control documents. Some organizations call Document Control "Configuration Management"

The systems are all very simular, in that they normally assign some sort of logical document identifier and permanently store the document using a graphic format, the original file format or even a PDF. Once a document control system is in place, then everybody must submit the latest document into the system, as well as, all inquiries and purchases must come from the controlled document.

Modified by kelly_bramble at Mon, Aug 15, 2005, 15:45:49

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