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Gear Design Question Question
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Posted by: Fizziii

09/21/2005, 12:05:06

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I'm trying to lay out some gears with the following criteria:

4 gears (kite shaped pattern)

25% reduction between input gear and output gear. (Input shaft & output shaft are parallel, on opposite sides of the housing)

5" spacing between the top & bottom gear, with the side gears falling where they will.

With the angles between the teeth on the gears, and the spacing requirements, is there a way to get the gears to line up? I was thinking around 40-48 teeth maximum for the top gear, which would put the bottom one around 30-32 teeth.

Any help is appreciated.


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Re: Gear Design Question
Re: Gear Design Question -- Fizziii Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: devitg

09/21/2005, 22:38:20

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Hi Fred , do you have , at least a simple sketch of it?
If so , could you send it to my mail
see here please


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