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Posted by: TTC

12/05/2006, 14:30:50

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I would like to remove a support wall in my lower level, the house is a split entry. the span from the outer wall to where I would like to post is 21 feet, the span from the center to the north wall is 13 feet and 10 feet to the south wall. There currently is a drop in the ceiling down the middle where mechanicals run thru, to the finished part of the drop in the ceiling is approx. 13-3/4". I have received conflicting stories on what I should use to complete this project. 4 1-3/4" x 14", 6 1-3/4" x 16", and was told steel but not a size. Ideally I would like the beam to be 11-7/8" to 12-1/4" so I can keep the drop part in the ceiling the same. Any thoughts on what is needed? TTC

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