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Re: Gearbox Design

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Posted By<" ">Serdar Yorulmaz on October 06, 2002 at 10:01:52:

In Reply to: Gearbox Design posted byMark Donnelly on October 06, 2002 at 04:39:56:

I have checked one of my speed reducers that I Designed. it has 1500 rpm rotation and output is 100rpm. I have a 25KW electric motor. and output torque is 2182.04Nm. Here is the material properties that I have used.
I used 18CrNi10 for shaft material.
ultimate strength is 1200N/mm^2
yield strength is 800N/mm^2
faitigue strength is 600N/mm^2
safety fatigue strength is 266N/mm^2
in the Wohler Diagram the strength value which makes the material life infinite is
266N/mm^2 if you use this strength value ( which I used ) you do not need to worry about life of the material. It will last forever but do not forget. It will cost you more because you reduce the strength value of the material which means you will use thicker shaft. but last forever.
HB= 6000N/mm^2 Brinnel Hardness
P= 1630N/mm^2 surface pressure strength
here are the all material properties you need to design your shaft with SAFE.
I will get you soon after you confirm the output torque. I await your response.

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