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Uneducated Fool!
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Posted by: Bab

03/26/2003, 02:41:46

I have a some questions coming straight from someone that knows nothing about mechanics. I learn by hands-on techniques, and want to learn something. Basically, I am building an arcade cabinet. Yes, yes...but, I want this to be something truly innovative. Picture if you will a simple arcade game. At the touch of a button, the controls change to something else in front of you. What I am trying to say is I have 4 control panels hidden away inside the cabinet. I want to press a button and make the rotate to the next (or ) position. So, I am looking at stepper motors. Can someone point me in the right direction of what may possibly hold the torque requirements of about 80 total pounds? Next, is what can drive these in a 4 way position (rectangular in shape)? Last, what do I need to send the message of the 2 buttons to the motor?Any help is VERY appreciated. I know someone like me should not be taking on a project like this, but I am determined. I learn very quickly when determined. Thanks again.D-

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