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Foundation Design for Building and Structures
The principles of good foundation preparation are simple, but enforcing the provisions of the specifications concerning the work is more difficult. Inspection personnel must recognize the importance of this phase of the work since, if not properly controlled, problems can result.
Bearing Capacity of Soils Analysis
Stresses transmitted by a foundation to underlying soils must not cause bearing-capacity failure or excessive foundation settlement.
Retaining Wall Excavation Support Design and Analysis
Retaining walls must be designed so that foundation pressures do not exceed allowable bearing pressures, wall settlements are tolerable, safety factors
Stress Conditions in Soils Analysis
Analysis of stress conditions in soils at a point, stresses beneath structures and embankments, and empirical methods for estimating loads on buried pipes, conduits, shafts, and tunnels.
Structural Design Criteria for Buildings
Criteria for the design of buildings using cast-in-place or precast construction with plain, reinforced, or prestressed concrete.
Industrial Wastewater Collection and Treatment
Industrial waste should be collected in a manner that avoids unsafe conditions to personnel, equipment, and facilities.
Soil & Slope Stability Analysis
Characteristics and critical aspects of the stability of excavation slopes; methods of designing slopes, including field observations and experience, slope stability charts, and detailed analyses; factors of safety; and methods of stabilizing slopes and slides.

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