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Section Properties Selected Shapes

Triangle / Trigonometry Solutions

Simple Levers

Spring Design

Structural Deflections and Stress Menu

    Machine Design

Heat Transfer

Electrical Electronics Design Calculators


Financial & Misc.

Friction Equations and Analysis

Civil Engineering

Bolt and Thread Installation Stress / Strength Design

Strain Gauge

Tolerance Analysis Utilizing Geometric Dimensioning Tolerancing GD&T and Other Principles

GD&T Training, GD&T symbols, dimensioning and tolerancing seminars, ASME Y14.5-2009 Training Seminars. Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Training, GD and T Training.

Our trainer is certified per. ASME Y14.5 at the senior level GDTP and authored many GD&T reference books!

DFM DFMA Training!
Design for Manufacturability and Assembly Custom Training Onsite and Webinar

Motion Control Design

Pressure Vessel Design Engineering


Sheet Metal Bend Allowance

Plastic Snap Fit 

Conversions, Fluids, Torque, General

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