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Structural Theory Handbook

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Structural Theory Handbook

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Structural Theory Handbook


As its name implies, this volume introduces the reader to the basic conceptions and principles of structural theory relating to trusses, rigid frames, and space frameworks. Its scope is somewhat more than that of the usual two and three semester undergraduate course in stress analysis offered in the engineering schools of this country.


Chapter 1. Reactions and stresses
CHapter 2. Graphic Static's
Chapter 3. Roof Truss
Chapter 4. Truss and Girder Bridges
Chapter 5. Long Span Bridges
Chapter 6. Lateral Bracing and Portals
Chapter 7. Slope and Deflection
Chapter 8. Rigid Frames
Chapter 9. Wind Stresses in Tall Buildings Frames
Chapter 10. Intermediate Trusses
CHapter 11. Secondary Stresses
Chapter 12. Space Frameworks

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