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Electronic Circuit Simulator and Modeler Real Time

Circuit Simulator

Electrical and Electronics

Test and Instrumentation Equipment

Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS

EMI / RFI RFI Shielding

Electronic Switches and Connectors

Temperature Sensors & Detectors

Microwave Electronics


Electrical Electronic Devices

Pressure Detection

Transducer Detection

Level Sensors & Detectors

Flow Sensors & Detectors

Synchronizing Motors


  • Mechanical Limit Switch Mechanical limit switch is a mechanical device which can be used to determine the physical position of equipment.
  • Reed Limit Switch Reed switch is an electrical or mechanical switch that is actuated by an applied magnetic field.
  • Position indicator Typical Circuits Position Sensor is any instrumentation or device that is utilized to detect position measurement or an objects location.

Variable Output Devices Used in Position Sensing

Sensors & Detectors General

Electrical Meters and Measuring Devices

Network Analysis Engineering Books

IEEE 1584-2018 Equations and Calculators

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