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Solar Panel Design Requirements

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Solar Panel Design Requirements Calculator Spreadsheet

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Download: Solar Panel Design Requirements Calculator Spreadsheet

  • Calculate Total Demand Load
  • Calculate Size of Solar Panel.
  • Select Type of Connection of Solar Panel.
  • Select Rating of Each Solar Panel.
  • Calculate Energy from Solar Panel as per Daily Sun lights.
  • Calculate Size Battery Bank.
  • Select Type of connection of Batteries in Battery Bank
  • Calculate size of Inverter


  • Solar System Voltage (As per Battery Bank)
  • Losses in Wire, Connection, Battery
  • Daily Sunshine Hours
  • In Winter
  • In Summer
  • In Monsoon
  • Average Daily Sunshine Hours
  • Total Solar Power need
  • Total Solar Power after Correction Factor
  • Solar Array Size after Calculating Sun Hour
  • Select Size of Solar Panel
  • Solar Panel Connection

Solar Panel Design Requirements:

  • Size of Each Solar Panel
  • Type of Connection For Solar Panel
  • Selection of Solar Panel Connection:
  • Selection of Each Solar Panel Voltage
  • Number of String for Solar Panel
  • Total Watt of Each Solar Panel String
  • Total No of Solar Panel in Each String
  • Total Watts of Solar Panel
  • Total Nos of Solar Panels
  • Efficiency of Inverter
  • Enter Additional futurte Load Expansion
  • Size of Inverter