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Introduction to Engineering and Advanced Engineering

Electronics Design and Engineering

Pre-Engineering, Introduction to Engineering, Advanced Engineering
Technology Education Service Vocational, Adult, and Employment Training Services Virginia Department of Education
James Madison UniversityCollege of Integrated Science and TechnologyHarrisonburg
Virginia Vocational Curriculum and Resource Center
269 Pages

Open: Introduction to Engineering, Advanced Engineering
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This guide contains information and hands-on activities to guide students through the problem-solving process needed in engineering (problem solving, presentation, and impact analysis), and information to help the instructor manage the program or course. Following an introduction, the guide contains a program description that supplies the following: Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) code, suggested grade level, prerequisites, approved courses, and information on program implementation, completer options, and related post secondary courses of study. The two courses in the program--introduction to engineering and advanced engineering--are presented separately. Each course has its own course description, task list, course outline, and instructional framework pages. Each course section includes a series of instructional framework pages divided into concept areas. Each page provides a state-validated task and competency, an assessment standard, and several objectives or activities designed to help students to achieve the competency. Each concept area concludes with a page that suggests the following instructional resources:equipment and materials, printed references, and audiovisual aids. Nine appendixes provide lists of additional resources: information and resources containing 18 general reference books, 20 magazines, 33 booklets and catalogs, 15 computer software, interfacing and applications, 18 films and videotapes, 29 math, science and technology resources, and 12 speakers,tours, and resource persons; information on organizing advisory committees;career slide and tape presentations; library book orders; engineering projects and case studies; reference materials for students; evaluation techniques; professional and technical societies and student associations;and laboratory facilities and equipment.(KC)




Instructional Tasks/ Competencies
Instructional Outline and Sequence

Concept Area Listing
Relating Objectives of the Course to Students in a Technological World
Investigating the Engineering Profession and Related Careers
Applying Engineering Graphics, Computer Software, and Measurement Instruments
Citing the Contributions of Engineering in History
Working with the Fundamentals of Problem Solving
Analyzing the Science and Properties of Materials
Working with Different Processes to Solve Problems
Communicating Technical Information
Using the Design Process to Improve a Device or System
Gathering Information about Problems and Solutions
Managing the Team Concept of Engineering Design
Briefing Others on Results of Engineering

A. Information and Resources
B. Organizing a School or Community Advisory Committee for the Engineering Class
C. Careers Slide /Tape Presentation
D. Library Book Order
E. Engineering Projects and Case Studies
F. Reference Materials for Student Use
G. Evaluation Techniques
H. Professional/Technical Societies and Student Associations
I. Laboratory Facilities and Equipment List
J. Engineering Activities

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