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Physics and Science

Special Relativity Einstein's
The mathematical content of special relativity is not hard to understand. The basic principles can be written down simply and concisely, and, with a little practice and some not very involved calculations, it is easy to derive from them the main predictions of the theory.
Relativity Theory and Astrophysics , Relativity and Cosmology
Gravitation is considered to be of fundamental importance to physics and astrophysics for the following two reasons:
Einstein's Theory of Relativity
Even after over ninety years, Einstein's theory of Relativity still has the reputation of being difficult to understand. If this is true it is not because of mathematical difficulties - this book rarely uses anything more complicated than a square root sign
Concepts of Modern Physics
This book is intended for use with one-semester courses in modern physics that have elementary classical physics and calculus as prerequisites. Relativity and quantum theory are considered first to provide a framework for understanding the physics of atoms and nuclei. The theory of the atom is then developed with emphasis on quantum-mechanical notions, and is followed by a discussion of the properties of aggregates of atoms.
Physics, Mechanics, Heat and Molecular Handbook
First of all, physics clearly deals with phenomena in real world, and hence the first step in gaining knowledge about these phenomena involves observations. However, scientific observation is not a simple problem. Let us watch, for example, falling bodies. It can be easily seen that a body dropped from a small height strikes the ground with a small force, while the impact as a result of a fall from a large height can be much stronger and may even destroy the falling body.
Handbook of Mathematics for Engineers
This Handbook of Mathematics is designed to contain, in compact form, accurate statements of those facts and formulas of pure mathematics which are most likely to be useful to the worker in applied mathematics. It is not intended to take the place of the larger compendiums of pure mathematics on the one hand, or of the technical handbooks of engineering on the other hand ; but in its own field it is thought to be more comprehensive than any other similar work in English.
Problems in General Physics
This book of problems is intended as a textbook for students at higher educational institutions studying advanced course in physics. Besides, because of the great number of simple problems it may be used by students studying a general course in physics. The book contains about 1900 problems with hints for solving the most complicated ones.
Einstein Theory of Relativity
In this book on the Einstein Theory of Relativity the attempt is made to introduce just enough mathematics to HELP and NOT to HINDER the lay reader"lay" can of course apply to various domains of knowledge perhaps then we should say: the layman in Relativity.

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