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Mil-T-10727 Specification for Tin

MIL-T-10727B, MILITARY SPECIFICATION: TIN PLATING: ELECTRODEPOSITED OR HOT-DIPPED, FOR FERROUS AND NONFERROUS METALS (02 APRL 1980) [S/S BY ASTM-B545, ASTM-B339]., This specification covers the requirements for electrodeposited tin and hot-dipped tin coatings on ferrous and nonferrous metals

Tin plating intended for engineering purposes is used for corrosion protection, to facilitate soldering, to improve anti-galling characteristics, and as a stop-off barrier in the nitriding of high-strength steels. Copper alloys containing more than 5% Zn shall have a copper undercoating of at least 0.0001" or nickel undercoating of at least 0.000050".

Type I Electrodeposited. Reference ASTM B-545 Standard Specification for Electro-deposited Coatings of Tin

Type II Hot-Dipped

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