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Use this chart data to initiate the bearing selection process.  See the link "Bearing Engineering and Knowledge Application Menu" for additional bearings knowledge information. Contact your bearing supplier or application expert for specific application information.


A    = Excellent
B    = Good
C    = Satisfactory
F    = Poor
NR = Inconvenient or not recommended
-     = Not applicable

Bearing Type Pure Radial Load Pure Axial load Combined Load Moment Load High Speed High Running Accuracy High Stiffness Quiet Running Low Friction Comp. for Errors of Alignment During Operation Comp. for Errors of Alignment  (Initial) Location Bearing Installation Non-location Bearing Installation Axial Disp. Possible in Bearing 
Ball Single - Row  C C F A A C A A F F B C NR
C Ball Single Double - Row C C C C C C C C B NR NR C C NR
Ball Self - Aligning C F F NR B B F B B A B C C NR
Ball Angular Contact C C B F B A C B B F F B NR NR
Ball Angular Contact Back - to - Back B C B C C B B C C NR NR B C NR
Ball Four - Point Contact F C C C B C C C C NR NR B F NR
Cylindrical Roller N, NU B NR NR NR A B B B B F F NR A A
Cylindrical Roller NJ, NUP B C C NR A B B C B F F C C C
Cylindrical Roller Double Row A NR NR C A A A B B NR NR NR A A
Full Complement Cylinder Roller A C F NR F C A F F F F C C C
Full Cylinder Roller Double  - Row A C F C F C A F F NR NR C C C
Needle Roller B NR NR NR C C B C F NR NR NR A A
Spherical Roller A C A NR C C B C C A B B C NR
Taper Roller B B A NR C B B C C F F B NR NR
Taper Roller 
( Face - to - Face)
Thrust Ball NR C NR NR C B C F C NR NR C NR NR
Thrust Bal with Spherical Housing Washer NR C NR NR C C C F C NR - C NR NR
Thrust Cylinder Roller NR B NR NR F B B F F NR NR C NR NR
Thrust Needle Roller NR B NR NR F C B F F NR NR C NR NR
Thrust Spherical Roller NR A C NR C C B F C A B B NR NR

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