Radial Deep Groove Bearings

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Radial ball bearings are constructed of one row of balls ( referred to as single row ), which revolves around the groove of the inner and outer ring or race. Radial ball bearings are also commonly referred as deep groove ball bearings or "Conrad" type bearings. Radial ball bearings are probably the most widely used ball bearings used throughout industry.

Radial ball bearings are designed to carry significant radial loads, as the radial ball bearings inner and outer races are constructed with deep radial groove which distributes the radial loads. Radial type bearings rings / races are manufactured and constructed symmetrical, this gives the bearings some capability of absorbing thrust loads as well. It should be noted that radial type bearings are not intended for significant thrust load applications. Radial ball bearings are not self-aligning, and accurate alignment between shaft and housing bore housings / carriers are required.