Pressure Vessel Nozzle Design Calculator

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The following are equations and a calculator to determine the wall thickness of a welded nozzle connection to a shell, head or similiar geometry.

The nozzle feature design does not have a repad feature and is only applicable for internal pressure only.

The following equations apply:

(Eq. 1)

Pressure Vessel Nozzle Design Formula

Pressure VEssel Nozzle Interior

Nozzle Variables:            
 S [psi] - allowable stress 
 E - nozzle efficiency
 Do [in] - outside diameter of nozzle
 tr [in] - nominal wall thickness of nozzle
 Ca [in] - nozzle corrosion allowance
 Ut [%] - undertolerance allowance (0% for Rolled or Machined)
 P [psi] - interior pressure
Calculated Data:            
U [in] = 
R [in] = 
tn [in] = 
Required Material Thickness:
Tr [in] = 
Tr vs. U =