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Hollow Shaft Cylinder Mass Moment of Inertia

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Shaft Cylinder Mass Moment of Inertia Equations and Calculators

This engineering calculator will determine the mass moment of inertia from the data inpouts as provided. Keep the unit consistant for correct answers. Hollow Cylinder Mass Moment of Inertia

I = 1/2 m ( Ri2 + Ro2 )


m = Mass of Hollow Shaft Cylinder(lb m , kg)

R i = Distance Between Bxis and Inside Hollow Shaft Cylinder (ft, m)

R o = Distance Between Bxis and Butside Hollow Shaft Cylinder(ft, m)

Hollow Cylinder Mass Moment of Inertia
Design Variables
Ri (in, mm) =
Ro (in, mm) =
m (lbs, g) =
I (lbm-in2, g-mm2) 

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