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Engineering Stress Concentration Calculator of a Cylinder Feature with Axial Loading Applied

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This calculator will determine the stress concentration on a selected radius of a shaft with axial loading.


All numbers displayed as Black are variables and may be changed.

All numbers displated as red as calcualted results.


  Large diameter, D        
  Small diameter, d        
  Axial load (N)        
  Major shaft diameter (mm)        
  Transition radius (mm)        
  Stress concentration factor fillet shaft, Kt        
  Stress concentration factor undercut shaft, Kt        
  Shaft length (mm)        
  Shaft modulus, E (GPa)        
  Area at fillet shaft diameter (mm2)        
  Area at fillet shaft diameter (mm2)        
  Fillet design stress, sigma (MPa)        
  Undercut design stress, sigma (MPa)        
  Shaft deflection along minor diameter (micrometers)        
  Case A: Radius Between Diameters Case B: Radius Undercut Between Diameters        
  radius r (mm) Kt Stress (Mpa) s/F Shaft min d Kt Stress (Mpa) s/F        
  Case C: Hole in the Middle of Diameter Case D: Slot located at Center,
where corner radius is r, width is b=D/4, and depth is t=D/8
  Hole d (mm) Kt Stress (Mpa) s/F radius r (mm) (Fixed Value) Kt Stress (Mpa) s/F    

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