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Design for Corrosion and Galvanic Compatibility Practice Not Recommended

Corrosion and Galvanic Compatibility Knowledge
Corrosion Testing Equipment

The design techniques discussed in this section are a summary of recommended Don'ts based on features that have displayed significant impact on the durability and reliability of your product and equipment in service.


  • Dont use dissimilar metal (galvanic) couples if it can be avoided.
  • Dont use RTV that contains acetic acid.
  • Dont use heat shrink (non-sealed) electrical connector boots to stop moisture fluid intrusion.
  • Dont mate magnesium to a metal more cathodic than aluminum.
  • Dont use acrylic, RTV or varnish type conformal coatings.
  • Dont use gold over silver or copper.
  • Dont use organic materials that outgas, support fungi, absorb moisture or are degraded by maintenance and operational fluids.
  • Dont use an EMI gasket without a seal on both sides of the conductive element.
  • Dont use top mounted lid fasteners.
  • Dont mount PWBs horizontally.
  • Dont mount electrical connectors (multicontact or coaxial) vertically.
  • Dont place edge connectors on the bottom edge of a vertically PWB.
  • Dont create side loads or cable tension on the rear seal of electrical connectors.
  • Dont use direct air cooling on active electronic components.
  • Dont mount equipment less than 1/2 inch above the compartment floor.
  • Dont use hygroscopic materials.
  • Dont use nickel plated electrical connector shells in salt or high humidity environments.  (Use cadmium plated shell).
  • Dont use foam cushioning material that can deteriorate (revert).
  • Dont permit the presence of water trap areas.

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