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Simply click on one of the many “Submit Article” buttons throughout the site (at the bottom of your browser). When you have finished creating an account, compose your article, select ‘Publish'.

Note: First time submitters will be contacted by our editorial team for some contact details. You must upload a photo or other image and a bio to submit an article for publication.

Engineers Edge receives many submissions. If accepted, your article will usually be published within 24 hours of submission (48 hours on weekends).

Engineers Edge aims to provide the finest opinion and analysis from independent technology writers.

Business products and services press releases are not accepted as an article. Business press release should be submitted at Industrial News Buzz -

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Tips for ideals and getting published on EE

For design engineers
Write about CAD, a design detail or recommended practice, hardware tips, tolerance analysis, create an industry standard reference chart, present an analysis for thermal, vibration, fluid flow, electronic circuit application, or any other relevant subject of interest.

Write about a process, design guideline, machine capabilities, inspection, typical mechanical tolerances...

For scientist, technologist
Write about an innovation, research any discoveries and the respective application.

Hobbyist, craftman and others
Write about the project you're working on, take progress and completion pictures and show off!

Write about a current topic of study, calculation details

You get the idea, just write about something that you believe engineering scientist and others will find interesting, informative and practical.

If you are writing about well-covered issues, bring a new perspective that others may have missed.

We prefer submissions that are longer than a few hundred and shorter than 1,000 words. Articles running 2,500 words and longer should be broken into two or more parts for publication.

If your submission requires heavy copy editing, in all likelihood we won’t be able to publish it.

Be known
Providing your real identity builds credibility. We do, however, publish material under a pseudonym, but we require full identity disclosure for our confidential files.

The human factor
We strive to consistently select the best articles submitted for consideration. Above, we have outlined guidelines that hopefully illuminate some of the factors involved in our decision process.

In the end, however, the selection of articles and Editors' Picks is highly discretionary, and can be impacted by many factors including: our editorial resources on a given day; the number of articles addressing similar themes; the timeliness of the topic; and a sense of how much a given article adds to the engineeringand design community.

We strive to maintain an open and constructive dialogue with our contributors, but we are regretfully unable to provide detailed explanations about why a certain article was or wasn't accepted, or made an Editors' Pick.

Just email us! ---> Feedback form

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